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What time should I put in the pick up time at the airport?
Please put the arrival time, we follow the flight status and then we expect to meet you 20 minutes after flight arrived, for domestic flights, or 1 hour for international flights.

What time should I put in pick up time at the hotel?
Please put 3 hours before the flight departure, taking in account that the airport suggests being 2 hours before for the necessary arrangements.

What happens if the flight is delayed?
You do not have to worry about this occurrence. Skippy Transportation can track your arrival flights online, so we are aware of any delays when they occur. This allows us to be more efficient with our transportation services saving our time and your money at the same time.

What happens if the flight change?
As soon as you notice a change in your flight information, please contact Skippy Transportation at +1 407 431 2864 (Phone and WhatsApp) so that we can avoid any inconvenience for you.

What if we are arriving in separate flights?
When you are traveling with a large party and have made only one reservation to avoid separate reservations, please make sure to ingress the later flight information and meet that party at their arrival baggage-claim area to conveniently meet the whole party.

What happens if I do not see the driver with a sign with my name?
Please contact Skippy Transportation at our phone number and WhatsApp +1 407 431 2864. The airport will provide you with complementary phone box and Wi-Fi.

How can I make the payment?
The payment can be made online or by phone or direct to the driver.

What is your cancellation policy?
In case that your travel plans change, or if you have any adverse situations and decide cancelling your reservation, our cancelling policy is very simple. Just let us know it within 24 hours prior to your programed pickup time, and your credit card and the issuing bank won’t be charged. Skippy Transportation can refund your payment and the financial institution usually takes a term of 5-8 business days. No refunds will be payed if you didn’t make your cancellation within the prior 24 hours term or in the event of no-show.

What are the Florida laws child restraint requirements?
Florida law requires the use of seat belts or child restraint devices by all front seat passengers and all children riding in a vehicle under 18 years old. Children should be in the rear seats until at least age 12, since deployed front seat air bags can be dangerous to children.

Child Restraints – Car Seats and Booster Seats: Florida law requires children age 5 and under to be secured properly in a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device. Children ages 0 to 3 must be in a forward-facing car seat. Children age 4 and 5 must be in a booster seat.

The child restraint requirement is responsibility of the parents when they use a vehicle “for hire”. However, Skippy Transportation will provide them with no additional cost if they are prearranged when booking.

How do I handle gratuity for the driver?
Gratuity for the driver is not included in our prices. We don’t want dictate or suggest a fix percentage of the service transportation value, as it depends on the service, quality, friendly treat and so on. You can pay gratuity at making your reservation, directly cash to the driver, or adding it to your credit card after the trip is completed.

Are there other charges additional to the fare?
No, your fare is your total cost. Gratuity is not included, it reflects your service satisfaction and is customary 10-20% or more.

Is it a share ride?
No, all our transfers are private.

Do we have extra time for snacks before the pickup time at the airport?
We assume you must be picked up as soon as possible after arrival but if you need some extra time for snacks, please let us know by writing it in the message field on the reservation form

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All of our Vehicles are Permitted, Licensed & Insured by the State of Florida's Department of Transportation & Highway Safety. The Insurance coverage on each of our vehicles exceeds 1 Million dollars (US). CALL US NOW: 407-431-2864